Director: Spike Jonze
Year: 2002
TRT: 1:54

Leave it to Spike Jonze to provide a truly odd entertaining film. While not quite as crazy as Being John Malkovich, it has the slightly schizophrenic nature displayed well by Nicolas Cage in duel roles of twin brothers. It's not your typical dramatic picture with some humoresque overtones, but requires a bit of actual attention from its audience. Overall it really is a bit fucked up (in a good way), from the viewpoint of the main character Charlie to the nonlinear unfolding of the story.

Writer Charlie Kaufman takes on the task of adapting the book The Orchid Thief into a movie. His difficulties in writing the screenplay is compounded by the nature of the book itself, writer's block, and his somewhat aggravating twin brother Donald. His utter lack of conviction and social graces just frustrate him that much more as the story of the orchid thief unfolds.

Chris Cooper deserved the Oscar he got for best supporting actor, he really is spectacular in the role. Besides that, the only thing I can really say is it's a good movie with some grim overtones, kind of like a book by Joseph Heller. Intelligent writing and strong performances, if you're looking for drama of a slightly different bent, you should see this. Despite the writing credits for the movie including Donald Kaufman, there is no such person.

Great Scenes: Laroche's introduction to Charlie, Brian Cox as McKee spouting his wisdom of how to write a good screenplay, and when Charlie is meeting with his agent.

DVD Notes: Pretty standard disc put out by Paramount in Widescreen, with the trailer and filmographies of the majors.