Animal House
Director: John Landis
Year: 1978
TRT: 1:49

Faber College, 1962. A fraternity of drunken derelicts. Ah, good times, good times. Top-notch comedy from beginning to end that's a fine treat for any DMR viewer. Loads of alcohol, plenty of social hi-jinx, and some great tunes throughout. What more could you ask for?

Obviously the writing of the script has to be pretty damn good to provide great comedy, but it is the plethora of actors that really pull this one off. The characters of Boon, Otter, Neidermeyer, and the perfectly dastardly Dean Wormer are unforgettable. And of course you have John "Bluto Blutarksi" Belushi, who would team up with Landis again in his next movie to make another crazy-great over-the-top comedy called The Blues Brothers. It's also funny to note that when the prospective pledges first walk into the Delta house, the version of "Money" is in fact actually being sung by Belushi.

This movie is most worthy of the coveted DMR 12-pack. I could go into this movie scene-by-scene and break down how funny it truly is, but it's just something you just have to watch for yourself if you haven't already seen it (?!?), or see it again and get lost in some quality humor and debauchery. It's the first (and pretty much the high point) in the long string of movies under the "National Lampoon" banner.

Great Scene: Yeah, it starts right about a minute into the movie, and ends with the credits.
Crazy-Ass Animal Cruelty Scene: The horse scene that culminates into Two Words: "Hooo-leeeee Shhhittt!" (repeat as necessary), compliments of Bluto.

DVD Notes: Basic DVD put out by Universal actually includes some pretty nice production notes on the location for filming, and some bios.