Alice (aka Neco z Alenky)
Director: Jan Svankmajer
Year: 1988
TRT: 1:31

An interesting if not extremely astute take on Lewis Carroll's mythologies first presented in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." This is complete with a pre-CGI bunny that, quite frankly, should scare the bejeezus outta anyone, grown-up or child alike. While taking slight liberties with the story, Svankmajer manages to create a much more realistic portrayal of the story Carroll intended, I think, with darkly surreal imagery that only comes through dreams and fantastic literature trying to recreate it. Minimal dialogue and audio can make it a bit droll at times, but is visually rich and quite faithful to both the source material and the demented dreamworld known to Alice in her Wonderland.

Don't know the story? Refresh yourself here, or pick up a copy. There's these amazing buildings out there that actually store physical copies on shelves for you so you don't have to destroy your eyesight trying to read it off your iPod screen. They're called Libraries. Check it out. Pun most definitely intended. Or you can just literally listen to it. Damn this modern teknowlo-gee. LISTEN HERE.

Just to relay some of the fucked-up imagery you may encounter includes pigeon skeletons pulling carriages, eye-creatures spewing forth, a mad scientist's lab filled with some truly bizarre shit, and tripping acid in the desert. Oh, wait, that last one might be from somewhere else. Regardless, greatly animates the Fantastic that makes the Wonderland that Alice may or may not be imagining. Overall a great adaptation of the literal, seems pretty balanced between real-time and animated material. I could and most likely might be wrong here, but I was pretty drunk when watching.

Great Scene: If you've read the story, listened to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," or watched the putridly homogenized animated version presented by the psychotic known as Walt Disney, you should be familiar with the whole consumption/change in size mechanism. Very astutely done here from a first person perspective.

DVD Notes: Extremely bare-bones edition put out by First Run Features, not even a music loop under the menu. But you know what? That's all right, I'll lose the cheezy menu shit in lieu of the inclusion of the 12-minute short Darkness Light Darkness any day. Fucking out there claymation of the development of/assembly/growth of a body, as if visited by various body parts. Again, Svankmajer, well done. Well done.