Bad Taste
Director: Peter Jackson
Year: 1987
TRT: 1:31

This is a movie for true b-movie horror fans. It's Peter Jackson's first feature-length film that took four years and a lot of his buddies to put together. There's a lot of gore (surprise, surprise), some gunfights, and some hand-to-hand combat to make up the bulk of the film. The plot, well, it basically involves a group of aliens sent to earth to collect people as the source of meat for their intergalactic fast-food chain, and the local "special forces" sent out to find out what's going on, and take whatever actions necessary to try and stop them. So yeah, unless you're a die-hard Peter Jackson fan or like some bad 80's b-movie gore, you probably won't dig this movie too much. At least you get to see Peter Jackson in not just one but two roles (he looks quite different without the beard as the demented scientist Derek of the 'special forces' team, who has a problem with keeping his brains inside his head). It's more funny than anything else (though there is a scene with a community bowl of chuck that, well, is just plain gross). There's a lot of great quotes throughout the movie, the most notable would be, "The Bastards have landed!" for true Peter Jackson fans.

Great Scene: If you've seen it, you know. There's a few creatively demented scenes, but there is one with a rocket launcher and a sheep that will leave you simultaneously laughing and scratching your head wondering, "What the fuck was that?"

DVD Note: Yeah, believe it or not, this movie isn't only on DVD, but Anchor Bay actually put out a 2-disc set with a nice little booklet of interviews with the guys that starred in the film. The 2nd DVD only contains a 25-minute featurette called "Good Taste Made Bad Taste" made as a brief documentary on Jackson's life to date (of the film), the making of the film, and the positive feedback once it had hit the movie circuits. Best part is when his mum is talking about having to forego cooking up anything more than some sausages on the grill for dinner because Peter was baking another alienhead mask in the oven. And yes, the cover of the DVD is of an alien flipping you the bird.