Bride of Re-Animator
Director: Brian Yuzna
Year: 1990
TRT: 1:39

WTF? Here's the perfect example of how not to do a sequel. Sure, you have the main characters returning, but by classing it up as a modern Bride of Frankenstein while cutting out the gratuitous gore and nudity? Again, What The Fuck? Yuzna, usually in the producer role to Stuart Gordon, decided to climb on his high horse and make an art film, apparently. Bungnuts.

The basic premise is as stated above. While there are some decent prosthetics going on here (some early work from KNB, if you believe those whole "credit" thingies), there's too much drama and bad acting by all involved except Jeffrey Combs, reprieving his role as the inscrutable Dr. Phibes. Er, I mean West. He does pretty okay in this, you can tell he's more in his natural element. But like the incandescent serum that brings the dead back to life, there's still at least one more left in this franchise, aptly titled, "Something-or-Other Re-Animator." Wow, Lovecraft's gotta be pissed.

Great Scene: Pretty much the highlight of the film creatively and comedically, the fingers/eyeball creature.

DVD Notes: Bare-bones by whomever. Doesn't really matter here, the film speaks for itself.