Beyond Re-Animator
Director: Brian Yuzna
Year: 2003
TRT: 1:33

It just wouldn't be fair to kill the Re-Animator. So Yuzna and the demented heads at Fantastic Factory (out of Spain, to be sure), have unearthed this unholy abomination for a third installment. Why? Cause they have the rights, I guess. And apparently a bit of decent financial backing to bring this chapter into the next millennium (ie some halfway decent CG effects to compliment the practical gore, which like the second, still isn't enough.). While initially presenting itself as your typical teenage slasher fare, it actually presents some new ideas to give it a fresh take on the franchise. Unfortunately the bad foreign actors speaking in accented English gives a slightly less than credible vibe. And, of course, not enough naked chicks. Can a b-movie horror flick have too many? Apparently Yuzna thinks so. The puke. No, no, I keed, I keed. Yuzna ain't a puke. But he should seriously reconsider how he shoots his next film. Or just go back to producing. I think we'd all breathe a deep sigh of relief if this were to happen.

Herbert West fucked up one too many times, letting one of his re-animated creations escape into the general public to kill an innocent. Fortunately this time around he's lost his wimpy sidekick Doctor Dan. Unfortunately he hooks up with another one (with even more questionable acting abilities) like 13 years later. In prison. It actually makes more sense than the other shite introduced here, but that's alright. It's nice to see the bastards wreak a much larger scale of havoc this time around. There's a hot reporter and asshole warden (laughably) involved as well, but fuck, what can you expect? It's Spain. Uh, I mean Maine. Or Massachusetts. I always get those fuckin states confused.

Some credit to Yuzna for giving this flick an updated feel, though the script, characters and situations still tend to be as cheesy as its predecessors. Jeffrey Combs comes through once again to give it some semblance of credibility; and given a halfway decent budget, looks pretty good throughout. And finally an almost true Lovecraftian vibe to the series with the ending scenes and the resulting insanity. Too little too late, though, I'm afraid. Killer opening credits that takes the original Gray's Anatomy-influenced opening from the first and takes it to a new level.

Great Scene: You wonder, sometimes, what possesses people to put certain things to film. I have not busted a gut laughing like this in a long time. All I have to say is stick around for the credits, a short aftermath is played out between a rat and something that has no right to be acting on its own (though, after further thought, tends to on its own account, regardless). Fucking funniest thing I've seen in quite awhile. Opening credits are a nice continuation and addition to the original one.

DVD Notes: Lions Gate actually picked this one up for US distribution, and put a nice enough DVD package together. A "making of" which is pretty much footage, some good behind-the-scenes clips and some pretty lame interview clips, some of which are actually in english. One of the most disturbing things is a themed music video complete with lyrics that combines some BAD Spanish techno, film clips, and synchronized dancers. The thing looks legit, I can't imagine anyone going through that much trouble and production just to do a gag video. Director commentary by Yuzna, listen... if you dare!