Big Trouble
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Year: 2002
TRT: 1:25

Okay, despite this movie being directed by Sonnenfeld (see Men In Black II), this movie is pretty funny throughout without being totally asinine. Well, maybe a bit asinine, but WTF, at least it ain't a sequel. Its initial theatrical release got delayed due to the fact that it was scheduled to hit the theaters shortly after 9/11, but because it has material relating to some less-than-adequate airport security involved, the studio was a bit skittish and put it aside for awhile. But ultimately it's all in good fun. There's quite a few recognizable comedy-oriented stars involved (Tim Allen, Jason Lee, Janeane Garofalo, Stanley Tucci, Dennis Farina, Patrick Warburton [aka "Puddy" from Seinfeld], a funny little turn by Andy Richter, and Tom Sizemore & Johnny Knoxville as the bumbling crooks), and they all play the roles they do well in.

The movie starts off in a very disjointed type of narrative that actually switches narrators pretty quick. The voice-over thing and plenty of freeze-frames to fill in the viewer is a bit overplayed, but for this movie it works pretty alright. The style is like what would be the next movie of Guy Ritchie's (Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Snatch) if he made a big-star caper movie for Miramax (in that it's a bit more watered down and caters more towards the mainstream, and tries to be funny throughout). Sure, it's a bit predictable, and the ending is pretty cheezy, but it's the performances throughout by a myriad of comic performers that keep you entertained to the end. If you're looking for a good laugh, this one will give you quite a few without making you shake your head in shame with incessant, lame jokes relating to some type of bodily function. Well, maybe a few. Besides, it's not even 90 minutes long.

Okay, so I know I gave MIBII a pretty bad rap, and this movie is pretty similar in a lot of ways. But the characters are pretty funny and the comedy isn't as forced (or lame). This is a good drunken romp if you're looking for something humorous and not very involving.*

Great Scene(s): It involves a dog and a toad, and the havoc both wreak in the progress of the movie.

DVD Note: None, since I saw it on VHS.

*I was not contacted by Barry Sonnenfeld, his agent, or distribution company to give a decent review of this film. Despite a very few scenes of MIBII, I still think that movie (as well as Wild, Wild, West) is a big, stinky studio-produced turd.