Clerks (Collector's Edition)
Director: Kevin Smith
Year: 1994-ish
TRT: 1:32

John Hughes has the run on the typical 80's-style movie on adolescence, taking whatever social maladies the kids of the day had to gripe about (aka 16 Candles, Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club), spewed out by the next new generation of "beautiful" people in a slightly marred antiseptic world. Kevin Smith takes most of the same issues and deals with them for the 90's. The movie is shot in grainy B&W, doesn't have big-name actors, and takes on the situations in a much more realistic (somewhat cynical) level that is what is the epitome of the decade for a young and disenchanted generation of sniveling pukes. It's pretty fucking funny.

This is an ode to the everyman, the invisibles, the working clerks. And they're kinda pissed off in an ineffectual kind of way. Not so much a plot as it is a continual run of pseudo-philosophies and conversations that range from humorous to absurd to a bit disturbing (in true Kevin Smith form), it is kind of an update to Richard Linklater's Slackers. It's a pretty solid (if occasionally long-winded) script that makes for some great laughs and insight on the financially challenged.

While some of the shite is a bit outdated now, there's plenty of quality comedy goin on here with the beginnings of the somewhat vulgar duo known as Jay and Silent Bob, but the audacity of video clerk Randal is the highlight. And one great thing is the time capsule known as the soundtrack (which cost more to secure the rights for the music than to make the movie itself), some great tunes. The fucked up situation here is I went to throw the CD in to listen to while typing this up, and realized some bastard stole it from my collection. They will most certainly rue the day if I ever catch up with the cocksucker that palmed a selection of MY music...

Great Scene: 37! (slurping noises) Great Music: Chewbacca! (Choo-wie! Whaaaat a Wookie!)

DVD Notes: Miramax did a good job with this early DVD release, including commentary, deleted scenes, an alternate ending that they dropped (for good reason, I think), trailer, and music video in the style of the movie with the band Soul Asylum.