Carnival of Souls (1998)
Director: Adam Grossman
Year: 1998
TRT: 1:30

This movie had a little bit of potential in its creepiness. Helmed under Wes Craven's name, this ultimately ends up being overplayed by the main characters for a lame-o weird-fest. Not even like it's that strange, and the ending is even lamer than what is expected. Larry Miller plays a creepy pedophile who still haunts the now-grown Alex. Considering his profession was as a clown, there is plenty of material there to work with. Some people are pretty creeped out by 'em. I have no such phobias. So Alex tries to keep herself from going crazy while seeing repeated visions of the man who she witnessed murder her mother.

It tries to build some characters. It really does. But it's so morose and un-engaging you really don't care how the movie turns out. The only thing the movie has going for it is some creepy flashes of creatures that for whatever reason don't really seem to have much to do with the carnival, where the nightmare all began. Sure, it worked great in Jacob's Ladder, but here it's purely for shock value, and totally overused, to boot. A film of the same name was made in 1962 that is supposed to be much better than this one. Dunno, haven't seen it (yet), but it can't be any worse than this one.

DVD Notes: none, saw it on VHS.