La Cravate
Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Year: 1957
TRT: 0:35

What hits the film here not only looks like a student short, but seems like it as well. While not something you'd particularly go out of your way to see, it's a nice addition to the 2007 Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky box set to give some history. Essentially a silent film, actors must rely on expressions, usually in a mime-like way, to express emotion. Competently done, with an occasional creative camera shot thrown in. Unless you're a hard-core Jodorowsky fan, you'll doubtless be left with an expression on your face similar to have been kicked in the groin. Fortunately without the physical pain attached, but the mental pain can be just as damaging.

A pathetic poet, pining for the unattainable (and quite frankly, rather bitch-like) object of his affection, decides to dabble in the market of head-swapping. Problem is, once separated the head and heart are rather at odds in their goals. Kind of.

Great Scene: POV screwing on the head. Not much else here to fish from.

DVD Notes: As part of the Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky ABKCO/Anchor Bay set of early films by Jodorowsky, this is the "lost gem" that somehow garnered its own DVD. No other extras, to say the least, as this in itself falls into that category. Surprising it wasn't an extra on even Fando y Lis, but hey, maybe they had already printed up the 6 slim-case shell these all would fit into (including the much sought-after soundtracks to both El Topo and The Holy Mountain). Still a great precursor, for what it is.