Director: Olivier Assayas
Year: 2002
TRT: 1:57

While the subject matter is a bit subversive, I can't imagine a more boring way to treat the plot. It seems almost interminably long as the characters are uninteresting, the subject matter, pacing and dialogue is treated in the drollest of manners, and its artsy French approach makes this movie as brutal and uncaring as its main character. Plus only about a third of the dialogue is in English, with the rest mostly in French (subtitled of course).

Set in the world of international corporate business, a dealmaker plays both sides of the line, her affiliation suspect. Revolving around a partnership that would ultimately give one company ultimate control over the Japanese manga distribution rights both in print and on the web, there's more at stake than big money. The mole gets caught up in the powers that control an exclusive S&M ring under the banner of the Demonlover website the deal revolves around, and she will stop at nothing to make sure her real employers aren't wiped out. Or something like that.

I guess this thing works on a more intellectual level, but at 5am in the morning, it's pretty much crap to me. It's like David Lynch's Lost Highway; since not on serious hallucinogens while watching it, it's so fucked-up boring I don't care what's going on. This is supposed to be a suspense/thriller I think. It's true; I was in suspension wondering when it was going to end, and thrilled when it finally did. Plus the final scenes of the movie just made me shake my head in shame. Not because it was disturbing, but because it was so lame.

Great Scene: Initial intrigue on an international flight in first class made me wonder, "Damn, that looks pretty fuckin' comfortable." Too bad the rest of the movie was so bland nothing else of particular interest stood out.

DVD Notes: Lions Gate Films did a good job with the video and audio, which I guess is a good thing for the people out there that actually liked the film. It includes interviews with several of the main players, a promo reel of stuff by Palm Pictures and some trailers, and some weblinks.