Darkness Falls
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Year: 2003
TRT: 1:26

Not too horrendous of a boogeyman type of story. As much as I'd like to give it a better "story" rating, though, there's just too much stupid shit that makes the leap of believability a bit too stretched.

The fairy tale of the tooth fairy takes on an evil persona for the small town of Darkness Falls (cool name for a movie, bad name for a city). The legend has it that you'll be okay if you don't peek at her when she comes for your tooth. One kid does, and don't you know it, nobody believes him. 12 years pass and Kyle still isn't the same, and back in Darkness Falls, the evil still lurks.

I would have liked to see more story than chase scenes and cheap scare tactics. I hate to think this was aimed strictly at the teenage market, but, well, that's what it's lookin like when the palsied script is considered. Stylistically it's decent, and...and...well, it would have been a lot more enjoyable with more gore and some naked chicks (but then again, what movie wouldn't?). I have to say the DVD does utilize the Dolby feature well for those with the adequate home sound system.

Great Scene: There is one pretty early where the Tooth Fairy hides just out of the light streaming from a bathroom door, and the prologue and end credits. (No surprise that during the Commentary track they mention it's by the same group that made the titles for SE7EN)

DVD Notes: Columbia Pictures put out a decent selection of extras here. Too bad they're even more lackluster than the script. The Commentary track is amusing in its patheticness, at least it was until I fell asleep.