Dead Snow (aka Død snø)
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Year: 2009
TRT: 1:31

So this is a Nazi Zombie flick out of one of the Scandinavias...Swedish. Danish. Hollandaise. Wherever. It's like the difference between Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota, I'm thinkin. Same accent, different vocabulary. And a lot of fucking snow.

Present day, a couple of olderish med students head up to a secluded cabin in the mountains for an Easter retreat, with plans to just chill out and have a good time. Enter the crazy Foreign Legion guy to plant a little fear and provide exposition as to what has happened in the area in the past, and away we go! Could've been worse, I guess.

This is pretty much a direct homage to 'classic' American horror flicks. Not really; they're mostly just cribbing heavily from Sam Raimi's 'EVIL DEAD' stuff, and overtly so (with a nice shout-out to Peter Jackson's 'BRAIN DEAD' [aka DEAD ALIVE]) in the process. Some decent gore from time to time, with good practical make-up followed with way too much of the CG junk. Unfortunately, not adding too much more to the horror genre equation here. Besides snow. A lot of fucking snow. But not a single boob. Really?!? Must have been catered a little too much to the Scandinavian equivalent of the MPAA to get a PG-13 rating (even though it's "Unrated" here). Too bad. Wouldn't have helped out too much, though. There's a couple darkly comic moments scattered throughout, but it mostly is a 'dramatic' flick with a lot of gore but fairly minimal tension and, well, horror.

Great Scene: Trying to throw a molotov cocktail, and totally failing.

Media Notes: Netflix Streaming HD-ish. Some compression on the dark stuff, but usually pretty crisp. And since it's Swedanisholdaise, it is subtitled for you automatically in this format. (It's actually out of Norway, for the minorly curious but slightly lazy.)