Dog Soldiers
Director: Neil Marshall
Year: 2001
TRT: 1:45

This film is already a couple of years old, but I enjoyed it upon first viewing, and dug it just as much with revisiting. Main protagonist Kevin McKidd (ROME, Journeyman) does a great job of keeping the situation as plausible as possible, though the Scot accents overall can be a bit thick at times.

A small group of soldiers are off on a weekend training exercise, taking it seriously but still knowing they are, in fact, not really in harms way. But when they discover the Special Ops force that's supposed to be targeting them torn to complete shreds, shit kinda hits the fan. Along with some flying guts. All they can do is follow the road down into a new kind of Hell.

This is a pretty killer Werewolf flick. Solid tension, good pacing, and some actual, decent characters. Some of the werewolf effects are a little cheesed, but not bad. They still beat the fuck out of the CG crapfests we've been inundated with for the last couple of years. Maybe a little too much exposure for the practical effects, but the point of the flick is the trapped claustrophobia the film does well to establish and carry out. If you're gonna make a relatively low-budget monster flick, this is a great way to do it. This is Neil Marshall's first film, and the follow-up, The Descent, is a great sophomore effort. Doomsday? Not so much.

Great Scene: The second scene, which establishes McKidd's character as a Special Ops trainee who doesn't quite make the cut. Makes for a good dynamic throughout the rest of the film.

DVD Notes: Options for Fullscreen (Bollocks!) or Widescreen. Odd to only have subtitles in Spanish, which kinda sucks due to the thickness of Scottish accents at times.