Don't Torture a Duckling (aka Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino)
Director: Lucio Fulci
Year: 1972
TRT: 1:42

Following his first true giallo flick, Lucio Fulci takes a pretty similar approach with this one, albeit bit more sure-handed. From the haunting opening sequence that sets the tone, it's followed by an almost nonsensical display of remotely oriented scenes. The whole 'throw a handful at the wall, see what sticks' philosophy. It usually works.

A small town in Spain/Italy/Portugal/Europe is beset by a heinous rash of murders of their children. While the local police have some indication as to the extent that local superstitions play into the matter, the State Police or whatever the hell they are proceed an investigation almost completely void of logic. Lucky for them a snooping reporter helps keep them on track.

The majority of this really is the investigative side of the story, with some crazy elements thrown in for good measure. A return of Lizard actress Florinda Bolkan in a slightly more believable role as a full-out bat-shit crazy woman as opposed to just a suspected bat-shit crazy woman. Competent if not a bit boring at times, does have some occasionally great cinematography and nice use of split-screen focus. Best role by the aged local police captain, really plays it with humanity among the mediocre to almost credible actors surrounding him.

Great Scene: A surprisingly well done drubbing is pulled off in full daylight, great make-up and emotional intensity overall.

DVD Notes: Pretty good, clean 16:9 transfer by Anchor Bay, horribly dubbed in english. Black level is a bit too high so it makes the image a bit washed out at times, but overall free of major scratches or film noise. Disc also includes a mini bio of Fulci's career, concentrating on his giallo years and Beyond. heh. sorry.