The Fifth Element
Director: Luc Besson
Year: 1997
TRT: 2:06

This movie had potential to be a pretty cool film, but ends up being way too cheesy and a bit preachy in its "message" (there's actually 2 of them, both are lame). This is unfortunate, because there's some great performances put in by the MAN Gary Oldman as the evil bastard Zorg and by Ian Holm as the priest Vito Cornelius. Chris Tucker, while purposefully meant to be annoying, does the job too well. It's a sci-fi extravaganza that doesn't tax the brain too much, and has plenty of eye-candy, humor, and shit blowing up to make it relatively painless (except, as mentioned above, the end).

Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) is a cab driver in future New York, ex-military and trying to live a normal life, he's having a tough time of it. But then he happens to run into Leeloo, a woman who in all aspects seems perfect. Going against his better judgment, he decides to help the damsel in distress, and is led back into the life he's trying to avoid by having to ultimately help save the world. Yippee-Ki-Yay, muthafuckah!

The movie does have some things going for it, with some decent transitional dialogue between scenes, a funky score, and almost decent protrayal of the the future New York City (still doesn't come close to the atmosphere of Blade Runner, though). What makes it bearable is the comedic element underlying most of the dialogue and action.

Great Scenes: Well, for starters, Milla Jovovich in thermal bandages is always pleasant on the eyes. But pretty much any scene with Gary Oldman, he really steals the show, here.

DVD Notes: Non, saw it on a shitty VHS put out by Columbia.