The Game
Director: David Fincher
Year: 1997
TRT: 2:08

This is the follow-up to se7en, and falls short as a dramatic thriller in comparison. It's still an interesting concept, but the suspension of disbelief has to be pretty fuckin high to follow this movie through to the end. What we are presented with is Nicholas Van Orten (played by Michael Douglas), a high-brow investment broker who is all about the business. His younger, care-free brother (Sean Penn) shows up for Nicholas's 48th birthday, and gives him the gift of The Game, which is grudgingly given a chance.

It's a mystery of sorts, and the purpose of the game is the question. Is it interesting? Sure. There's some suspense, and questioning of what is reality and what is the "game." It could have been a lot worse without Douglas as the main character. It opens his eyes to a new life, so to speak, and in the end, the question is do we really care? Ehh. Well. You be the judge. It's a better-than-average thriller that plays out with a couple of decent twists.

DVD Notes: Pretty run-of-the-mill DVD by Polygram with both standard & widescreen versions, trailer & teaser of the movie, and some brief bios of the major players.