Ghost Ship
Director: Steve Beck
Year: 2002
TRT: 1:31

Even being the drunk puke that I am, this movie's logic is complete and utter horseshit. Suspension of disbelief is necessary for a ghost story, sure, but man! What an insult, particularly with the final scene. I take absolutely no stock in the bogus quotes attributed to any movie, but let me take a moment to share this one from the back of the Standard (craptastic!) version DVD :

"One of the scariest, most original horror movies in years."
Rob Blackwelder,
San Francisco Examiner

Apparently this person Rob is severely brain-damaged, and doesn't watch anything scarier than Ernest Goes To Camp, cuz this sure as hell wasn't scary, and was as original as an episode of The Brady Bunch. What the hell was Gabriel Byrne thinking when he signed up for this? It's not the worst thing I've seen, with a hint of potential as we go into the story, even carries it a bit despite the utter predictability. The only redeeming factor is some decent gore. But even that doesn't justify this filth pig.

As for the story? Some scavengers get a tip on a ship adrift in the some-fuckin-where part of the ocean, and they take the bait in going to get it. But (surprise!) it's haunted, and huh, wow, they bit off more than they can chew! How banal is that description? It's fairly indicative of the script (and, may I add, an utterly poor excuse for trying to sell a soundtrack, which apparently was the main reason this film was made).

Great Scene: Plays out in the opening of the movie, but also is one of the biggest flaws. Almost everyone on deck of the ship meets an untimely demise. Cool concept and execution, except there shouldn't have been any FUCKING SURVIVORS!!!!!

DVD Notes: Looks like the DVD by Warner Bros. is pretty loaded, but considering the movie was presented strictly in Standard format, and how shitty the movie itself actually was, who wants to delve deeper into this thing? I wasted enough time on this dreck, you be the adventurous one...