The House By the Cemetery (aka Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero)
Director: Lucio Fulci
Year: 1981
TRT: 1:27

While starting off like an unabashed teenage splatter flick, it quickly gets bogged down in quite boring exposition amongst very occasional scenes of oddness. At first it gives off a vibe of multiple horror flicks of the time like The Shining and Rosemary's Baby to some degree, but mainly The Amityville Horror, all of which are superior to this film.

A family moves to a fairly remote house, by a cemetery, so a father can work some job. Bad music and plot-points ensue.

Throw it all at the wall, it's usually the shit that sticks, apparently. At least in this case. While it ends kinda creepy, I think the story falls short on pretty much every level. When you end with an obscure Henry James quote to justify the madness, I call Bullocks! It forces me to call on the Joe-Bob Briggs Scale of Justice: minus the short opening sequence, the film is boobless, suspense is rare, and the killer reveal is lame. How good is that? Apparently all "creativity" went into The Beyond. Yikes. One decent gruesome death does not a decent horror film make.

Great Scene: Not exactly great, but horrendously cheezy. Fulci and his winged rodents...Cuz that is one tenacious fucking bat, man!

DVD Notes: Anchor Bay does some super-special animated menus, at least, for lack of any better material to work with, I'm thinking. At least it's a 16:9 presentation with proper black levels. Trailers, TV spots, Still Gallery and decent Bio on Fulci and whoever the writer was. I'll just leave that puke unnamed, probably best for all here.