Hollywood Knights
Director: Floyd Mutrux
Year: 1980
TRT: 1:31

Kinda in the same vein as Lucas's American Graffiti where there really isn't much of a "plot" persay, this is a movie that follows the ending of an era, both in the closing of the local car gang's favorite drive-in diner Tubby's, and the end of a certain care-free kind of lifestyle as some of the main characters are faced with the decision of what to do after high school, which includes the impending conflict in a place called Vietnam. Mostly it's about guys playing pranks, trying to get some action, and bitchin' cars, usually in a pretty lewd manner.

Taking place mostly on Halloween night in the Hollywood of 1965, there's a couple of funny situations played out, led by the juvenile prankster Newbomb Turk, played with enthusiasm by Robert Wuhl (aka Arli$$ in his early days), with repeated confrontations with some insanely stupid cops and the local"community" who are trying to put the local gang in check. But the movie also takes a pretty serious look at the relationship between a young couple (Tony Danza and a very young-looking Michelle Pfeiffer), as well as one of the guys setting to ship out to Nam the next morning. The two stories don't always mesh quite right, but overall it does a pretty good job at showing the nature of the, er, juvenile times, with the foreshadowing of how things are about to change.

Great Scene: Though pretty crude, the one-armed violinist is pretty funny.

DVD Notes: none, saw it on VHS.