If Chins Could Kill:
Confessions of a B Movie Actor

Author: Bruce Campbell
Year: 2002
Pages: 342

**The following is some comments on a thing called a "book"**

If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
After wanting to get this book for quite some time, I finally picked it up and enjoyed it thoroughly. Bruce is a funny guy, and the book starts of a recounting of his youth in humorous fashion. He gets into the movies and shows he's worked on, and ultimately he's just a working stiff in a pretty tough business. Some great stories and insights into the biz, there's multiple laugh-out-loud moments. I must note that the Foreward is quite a startling revelation into what heels Ivan and Sam Raimi are.

The book is complete with a lot of photos and graphics scattered throughout (and some great captions as well). The paperback includes a bit more than the original hardback, accounts of what exactly he had to endure on the book tour to promote it. If you're a fan of The Evil Dead series, it's a must-read. But it goes into a lot more, and can be enjoyed as a straight-up biography by one and all. Be sure to pick it up if you see it.