Director: Christopher Nolan
Year: 2002

Okay, so you have some really good talent involved here, and what should be an excellent story. My bad for not tracking down the original Norwegian version (1997) that was re-made, but the current installment wasn't anything to be really proud of. Too bad, I thought 'Memento' was an excellent story and executed well. I was hoping Nolan would be able to slip by the sophomore slump and follow his previous film with something just as worthy. What we're left with is a mediocre crime movie done by Pacino with nothing really breathtaking performance-wise and a single scene that caught my nervous attention (played out to the extreme, as most of the movie was aka the log scene). Overall, pretty much a waste of talent and money.

Talent note: Not much to relate. Al Pacino plays the sad-ass, tired looking dude he has in a multiple of roles in years past. Robin Williams, who seems to perform better in his more serious roles, does the job adequately, and the other major is Hilary Swank, who is the eager beaver cop who is just a little too eager, even considering the male-dominated hick-ville police department she's working for. Too bad.

DVD note: I think the biggest slap in the face, though, was watching the extras about 2 people who suffered insomnia, and their viewpoint on it. Horrendous. Where did they get these chodes? At least one of them seemed like they knew what the fuck they were talking about, but the rest was pretty fuckin lame. Why? Haven't you ever spent weeks on end with 3 hours of sleep or less a night (minus chemical alteration)? Yeah, well, it was portrayed pretty good in the movie (though 6 days straight with no sleep is quite beyond even my capacity), but the 'Eyes Wide Open' documentary was a bit insulting. I wasn't too surprised to see that there was no director commentary included with the DVD. If you're that inclined to pick up whatever 'special edition' of it (if it ever is even released), it means you liked the film more than I did.