Jacob's Ladder
Director: Adrian Lynn
Year: 1990
TRT: 1:56

This movie has some of the creepier imagery I've seen used in a film. Though it is a war story (of sorts), it falls more into the realm of psychological horror, and does a pretty good job of showing the very disoriented Jacob Singer (played excellently by Tim Robbins) as he seems to flash between alternate realities, tending toward the nightmarish side. There are actually relatively few war scenes, most of the film takes place after Singer's Vietnam experience, with some flashbacks to his earlier life. And he is surrounded by concerned people, including his girlfriend, chiropracter, and even his ex-wife. Because of the nature of the story, I won't go into the details, but this is really a fantastic film that pulls together for an ending that will leave you thinking about it well after it's over.

DVD Notes: Can't say for sure, unfortunately, because I watched it on VHS. I know there is a lot of extra materials that go with this movie, including an alternate ending and a documentary on the making of. As always, I always recommend seeing the DVD transfer of the film before resorting to the VHS copy. Sure it works, but you tend to miss out on a lot of cool shite, mang! Hopefully I'll be able to update this section after I win the lottery and am able to afford buying all the cool movies out there...