Like Water For Chocolate (Como agua para chocolate)
Director: Alfonso Arau
Year: 1992
TRT: 2:03

I'm pretty hard up to give this one much of a review. It isn't all that bad, but isn't all that great either. While there is a lot of passion and romance involved, and some food prepared that has an odd effects on the people who eat it, it comes off as a rather long and sometimes dreary look at a forbidden love. In other words, it's not a good drunken movie to review, especially if you're a guy. Sue me.

The story follows a family in Mexico as it passes into the 20th century. Led by the unflinching iron fist of the mother, her three daughters must follow the rules in order to be raised as proper ladies. The youngest, Tita, is by tradition to not marry or have children, bound to care for her mother until her passing. But love gets in the way, and the cracks in a once-proud family begin to show. There is almost a fairy-tale like thread with the main character Tita and her talent with preparing food in a special way. Despite extremely remote similarities in themes, this movie is much more toned down than the 2000 film Chocolat, telling the story from a much more realistic perspective and much more serious subject matter.