Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Director: Peter Weir
Year: 2003
TRT: 2:18

Adventure on the high sees circa 1805, Weir does a decent job of it with fellow Aussie Russell Crowe at the helm. While I was expecting a little more action, it is more of a cat and mouse game as far as the war effort is concerned, concentrating more on the crew dynamics as the British ship HMS Surprise tries to hunt down the more powerful and elusive French ship Acheron.

Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey is the Master and Commander of the above-mentioned ship, assigned to track the French bastard off the coast of Brazil. Thing is, their wee-little British boat is no match for the specter-like Acheron, but duty be damned if Captain Jack doesn't throw logic to the wind and continue to chase the ship despite the misgivings of the intelligent members of the crew. You know, because he's "lucky." It's in his name. Look at the first line of this paragraph.

The whole nautical thing really doesn't, er, float my boat, so to speak. But the specifics are kept to a minimum as the Captain of the Surprise struggles not only with how to take on a far-superior ship in battle, but the internal questions of dealing with his own reputation as a fearless sea captain and handling a crew as they grow more and more uneasy as their mission goes on. While pretty decent characters, it is still pretty superficial in handling and rarely gets complex enough to care much for any of the characters except the doctor and his scientific recruit.

Great Scene: The inevitable showdown between the two ships is pretty good, with some decent action and suspense to make watching a 2+ hour movie about these British blokes pay off.

DVD Notes: Nice looking and sounding Widescreen presentation by Fox. Doesn't have a lick of extras about the movie itself, though, only some adverts and behind-the-scenes looks at the studio's upcoming stuff (the promo for I, Robot wasn't too bad, didn't watch past that).