Director: Kevin Smith
Year: 1995
TRT: 1:34

The least successful of the View Askew productions, this movie takes Clerks to a new level, with less-than-stellar results. Sure, there's some funny moments, but it tends to sink into the stereotypical fare of slacker humor and teen-inspired philosophies as intriguing as a greasy burger from McDonald's. Flat, un-nutritious, and not really that appetizing, but gets you by nonetheless.

Two good friends, after getting dumped almost simultaneously by their respective girlfriends, end up hitting the mall where some warped sense of solace can be found. There's a lot of bitching and moaning about the why's, when it's obvious that both took their situations for granted. But there's some nice insight into the banality of the mall scene, and Jay and Silent Bob provide an extra amount of comedic support. The only way I can recommend this movie is if you're a big fan of comics, as it has a substantial role by the comic "god" himself, Stan Lee. That and a pretty solid performance by skateboarder-turned-actor Jason Lee, who, despite his character's obvious imperfections, puts in a good turn.

If you want to see a good Kevin Smith film, don't pick this one up first. If you enjoy the style of humor of his other films, save this one for last. It's funny, but not that funny.

Great Scenes: Jason Lee's character Brody, some chocolate-covered pretzels, and Michael "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" Rooker, as well as Brody's acerbic yet hilarious stint as a game-show contestant.

DVD Notes: None, saw it on VHS.