Men In Black II
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Year: 2002

And last and least, there is the feature flop, the piece of dreck to be thrown on the shit heap this week. The movie was MIB II. Let. Me. Think. Junk! Of course I could apply this to any cinematic atrocity, but this deserves special recognition. This movie...Well, I can't say it wasn't funny. I went into it with a total lack of expectations and a bit drunk as well (hence the title of the page, here). It still didn't help. There were a couple of humorous scenes that were wrenched out of the original (the best including the most humorous David Cross of Mr. Show fame). The rest was pretty painful. It is a sequel that lives up to its reputation. Absolutely no originality, and some very poorly integrated CG to boot (minus Frank the dog, comedic side-kiss to the comedic side-kick). If you liked the first one, rent it again instead of seeing this crap from director Barry (Wild Wild West [yikes!]) Sonnenfeld. A good cinematographer does not a good director make.