Menno's Mind
Director: Jon Kroll
Year: 1996
TRT: 1:36

Sometimes it pays off to do a little research on a movie before watching it. If you're reading this before viewing, you will be spared the crapfest here. Put out by Showtime, it had a somewhat intriguing premise, backed with b-movie star Bruce "Groovy" Campbell. Even he could not save this badly written, poor excuse for a cable channel original movie. Between the year it was made, its production origins, and the fact that the main lead had as much acting talent as a twitching piece of vermicelli, I suggest spending your time otherwise. You can thank me later.

Rebel forces against the corrupt political machine are rapidly losing strength and momentum as their key leaders are slowly being taken out. The "darkhorse candidate" for the rapidly approaching presidential election is at the forefront of weeding out the dissidents, while also somehow tied up with the interests of The Resort, a virtual vacation kind of service plugged directly into the minds of its customers. One of its employees gets caught up in the struggle to help uncover the thoroughly underwhelming plot that ties all of the loose ends up neatly by the end.

Cyberpunk drama doesn't get much lamer than this. Their blatant reference to Orwell does the Man great disservice. Do yourself a favor and watch The Matrix again instead, with the knowledge you're not missing anything here besides a halfway decent performance by Micheal "Worf" Dorn (which combined with Campbell still doesn't justify the time spent watching). A lot of cheezy, dated computer graphics as well.

Great Scene: Hmmmm. That's a tough one. I'd have to go with the end credits, just because that's the final signal that this movie was over.

DVD Notes: Full Screen from Showtime, apparently. There's a couple of extras included with the disc, none of which I found worthy enough to peruse after sitting through the movie itself.