Director: Oliver Stone
Year: 1986
TRT: 2:00

This is a slightly different Sheen (Charlie), with a slightly different look at the war. From mostly first-person perspective, Oliver Stone shows us an interesting microcosm of a war within a war, displaying the struggles within a platoon as it tries to survive fighting in Vietnam. It follows the new recruit Taylor (Sheen) as he arrives for his tour of duty, and the difficulties of not only trying to stay alive, but to fit in with the other more-experienced soldiers without fucking up. It is seen there are two main divisions in their camp, and what becomes a question of morality as he faces the horrors of war right in front of him.

While being a war film, it definitely focuses on the human condition, and is done well with a full support of characters, from the dark and vicious Sgt. Barnes (Berringer), to the disenchanted yet dedicated Sgt. Elias (Willem Dafoe), with some great secondaries (Forest Whitaker, John McGinley, Kevin Dillon, Keith David). Director Oliver Stone does a good job in showing the struggles that accompany the shitty condition known as war. Definitely worth watching if you've never seen it.