The Prophecy
Director: Gregory Widen
Year: 1995
TRT: 1:39

Pretty decent mystery/thriller that deals with the carry-over of the war in heaven on earth, without the special-effects bonanza that tends to overshadow the story itself like the craptastic End of Days. Minus the last 3 minute voice-over, this movie is pretty solid.

The war in heaven isn't exactly over. In fact, the guys with wings are gearing up for a second round, and it revolves around a soul found on earth. A big-city detective who once studied and forsook the priesthood at the last moment finds himself being drawn into the next major pivotal moment in the power struggle between heaven and hell.

The whole deal with obtaining a certain soul is all well and good, though I'm not sure how exactly it fits in the whole scheme of things. I think they explained it in one of the particularly talky parts, but I guess I was a little distracted so it didn't quite sink in. While not operating with a huge budget for the movie, it does a nice job in relaying only brief glimpses of apocalyptic visions, and some decent minor characters to help move the story along. Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas,  Eric Stolz and Viggo "Aragorn" Mortensen in particular do a good job in keeping the film from getting too shlocky. The chick is kinda lame, though. How come it's so freakin' hard to cast a decent female lead? She doesn't even get her eyes gouged out, either. Or does she?

Great Scene: A pretty cool flashback to show a battlefield full of dead and dying angels.

DVD Notes: Basic DVD put out by Dimension that purports the special feature of "Ultra-Stereo." Oooooooh! That's goin' balls out there, ain't it, Dimension? The really sad part is the "Additional Titles" section of other movies by them that don't even include the trailers. How fuckin' lame is that? Oh well, at least the movie itself is clean and presented in Widescreen.