Repo Man
Director: Alex Cox
Year: 1984
TRT: 1:33

You wonder how some movies will stand up after the test of time. Here's a cult classic on its 20 year anniversary, and still packs a pretty decent wallop. Sure, there's some special effects utilized at the end of the film (you can pretty much kiss the last 60 seconds of the film goodbye), it still is a good combination of punk society and the world of repo men wrapped in a secret government-induced nightmare.

Otto (Emelio Estevez) is a punk, true and true. He has no respect for authority, and once his lingering respect for his parents goes out the window (or, more correctly, to a television evangelist), nothing really means much to him. But then he inadvertently gets caught up in the world of being a repo man, which not only pays him cash, but has its own code to live by. Sure, he works with some odd characters, but fuck, it's a living. Then a '64 Malibu and a weird UFO chick come into the picture, and Otto comes to grips with a whole new alternate reality.

Social angst in the south-west 80s style, specifically New Mexico. Considering the extra-terrestrial subject matter, it's more of a unique look on culture at this point in time. Bonus is it's set to some great punk tunes including title track by Iggy Pop, the Circle Jerks (even making a little cameo), the Plugz, and Burning Sensations (because, as we all know, Pablo Picasso was never called and asshole. as far as we know). Stanton is particularly great, as is Tracey Walter (the car cleaner, since he don't drive) and Sy Richardson as some of the philosophizing freakz Otto comes in contact with.

Great Scenes: Otto's "initiation" with Bud (Harry Dean Stanton), who despite his dubious nature becomes Otto's mentor. Nice opening credits as well.

DVD Notes: Anchor Bay showin' some love to a true cult classic here. Remastered audio in the THX vibe, the print is crisp and clean as well. Extras are a bit sparse for the special edition, but the fact is they show it in its pristine glory. Some pretty extensive bios on the majors including Executive Producer Michael "Monkee/MTV/Liquid Paper heir" Nesmith, and a commentary track with writer/director Alex Cox, Nesmith, Casting Director (huh?) Victoria Thomas, and actors Sy "Lite" Richardson, Zander "Kevin the Nerd" Schloss and Del "Lagarto Rodriguez" Zamora. Pretty energetic and very fun, nice insight to the flick. Good luck trying to purchase the Anchor Bay versions, though, as apparently they've stopped production on it (at least til they put out the "ultra special edition," as AB's been known to do).