The Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2)
Director: George Miller
Year: 1981
TRT: 1:35

Presented is a slice of the post-apocalypse world of survival marked by desolation and ultra-violence, all over a little thing called oil. Petroleum, to be exact. Who'd a thunk? A sole vagabond (and his dog), whose sole quest is for petrol to keep his car running, encounters a vicious bunch of organized marauders who have laid siege to a rare, isolated petroleum plant protected by people who have actually managed to preserve the better side of humanity. Despite his desire to remain unattached, Max is drawn into their battle.

While the plot is a bit thin, it really makes the most of it. And while I normally don't comment on the score, this is actually an excellent accent to what could have turned into (and would be today) a death-metal sampler. Of course, in 1981, that hard-edged sound was only in its infancy, but leave to studios to make hackneyed marketing decisions at the expense of the film itself. Director George Miller keeps it classy here and ups the drama. The pretty hardcore action sequences are just an added bonus. So how the fuck did the guy that created this nihilistic world go on to direct Babe: Pig in the City and Happy Feet is anyone's guess. This is a great-looking piece of action-drama that had a bit of good foresight thrown into the mix, and has held up exceptionally well over the years. And nice to see the Blu-Ray title as it should be: Mad Max 2.

Great Scene: Has to be when the Gyro Captain realizes Max never had any any bullets in his gun. That guy is awesome.

Blu-Ray Notes: Kind of fucked here as far as the 'main menu' is concerned. There doesn't seem to be one. At least not with general chapter breakdown. How messed is that? ...