Strange Brew
Director: Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas
Year: 1983
TRT: 1:30

The DMR assessment of this film? Brilliant! For those who question its legitimacy, I must point out the fact that it does star one Max von Sydow! While a spin-off from the SCTV characters of Bob & Doug McKenzie, you'd think it would pale in comparison to the comedy show's more popular, American cousin Saturday Night Live and the films its "talent" has starred in. Has anybody actually seen the celluloid abortions known as Night at the Roxy? Superstar? Afro Man? Will anyone be renting them 21 years later? Didn't think so.

The plot: Drunk Canadians at their finest. Are Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis as Bob & Doug McKenzie actually acting? Hard to say. Does it matter? Nope. Quite the drunken philosophical romp, as it leaves you with as many questions as answers. And inherent fears of dog-sized skunks. Abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous, you'll have a stupid grin on your face from start to finish. There's a brewery, insane asylum hockey, and donuts. Plot, shmot, this is a fine contribution to the world of 80s cinema.

This is a true DMR movie. Sure, there's plotholes up the wazoo, the effects are cheezy at best, and the music is from the rejected pile of the Heavy Metal soundtrack. But this, my good friends, is a top-notch drinking movie that not only is hilarious in its tongue-in-cheek execution, but actually has no qualms with fessing up to being shot in Canada. And while I couldn't scare up some Elsinore beer to enjoy while viewing, I found the 12-pack of Old Style refreshing enough to see me through this zany adventure. I suggest you shell out $6 and do the same. For those that beg to differ, take off, eh?

Great Scene: Plenty of great lines to choose from here, but the whole beer vat scenario plays out nicely.

DVD Notes: Damn it! Got too drunk to review the extras. From what I remember, a fine presentation though.