Safe Men
Director: John Hamburg
Year: 1998
TRT: 1:29

This is a pretty funny, quirky little comedy that you really can't help not to like. It's kinda like if Quentin Tarentino did a John "16 Candles" Hughes film, without the graphic violence and constant profanity. Smart writing and some excellent performances makes this a movie you can watch many times over (cthulhu knows I did, it took three viewings before I was able to write a review on the film [tequila be damned!]). It can be a hard movie to find, and even then only on VHS, but is well worth the search for a great light-hearted comedy that's done well.

Two relatively clueless (and really bad) lounge singers find themselves getting caught up with the Providence area Jewish Mafia, mistaken for a pair of top-notch safecrackers. Being the push-overs they are, and left with no other choice, they end up trying to take on the new profession.

I have to say, there's a nice juxtaposition in one scene that is a coming-of-age kind of deal, with Fat Jr. reciting his lines for his Bar-Mitzvah, while safecracker Eddie simultaneously realizes his true calling. The main players Sam Rockwell and Steve Zahn play the socially inept and awkward duo to a T. And Paul Giamatti is perfect as the somewhat thick yet strangely effective Jewish mobster wanna-be. This was a recommendation submitted to the DMR that is one I can, er, safely pass along.

Great Scene: Kind of an ode to Say Anything, where a forlorn ex-boyfriend follows suit by holding a boom-box playing a cheezy 80's love song above his head. And the thread about the pants.

DVD Notes: It's only available on VHS [see above].