Super Troopers
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Year: 2001
TRT: 1:43

This movie is not so much a full story as it is a collection of jokes and skits about highway cops, drugs, and drinking. Sure you got a couple obvious clichés to go through, but for a bunch of unknowns (aka Broken Lizards [who?] comedy troop), this movie has got some pretty funny shtuff. It's a bit vulgar, I daresay even crass at times, but fuckit, it's supposed to be a comedy, and tends to rise above your typical teeny-humor fare.

As mentioned, the plot isn't anything special. The highway patrol of a small Vermont town is in jeopardy of getting shut down due to state budgetary cuts, and makes them that much more bitter in their rivalry with the local police they share the territory with. But then there are some strange occurrences with large amounts of "reefer" being trafficked through the area, and how each respond to the crimes and in dealing with each other. Like I said, something to tie a bunch of moronic (though funny) jokes, pranks, and an occasional visual gag together to make this film. You will definitely enjoy it more after a 6-pack of Old Style or whatever beer is currently on sale. And some excellent roles by Brian Cox and Daniel Von Bargen (George's apathetic boss from Seinfeld and Commandant from Malcolm in the Middle). Definitely catch the closing scenes after the credits start rolling, including the infamous "school bus" incident.

Great Scene: There's a couple of good ones, but I have to lean towards the opening sequence. It sets up the type of people we're dealing with perfectly when you see how the patrol guys deal with 3 stoners they pull over on the highway. Twice. Sort of.

DVD Notes: There's actually a lot of stuff on here for such a "low-budget" film. If you prefer to listen to it in french or spanish, you may do so. Plus there's 2 commentary tracks, one with the director (who is also the leader of the ragtag group of highway patrolmen) plus the guy who plays the rookie, and the other is devoted to the other 3 cops who apparently round out the "Broken Lizard" team, beats the hell outta me, I don't catch many comedy acts on the east coast. There's quite a few outtakes and extended scenes, all with optional commentary, including an alternate ending (the one that's in the movie is the better choice as it is a nice bookend to the beginning. It also has a couple of featurettes and trailers.