Director: Ben Stiller
Year: 2001
TRT: too long

Damn this movie really sucked. I guess I should've been tipped off when I went to rent it, and the girl at the video store said they shipped all the DVDs back because nobody rented them, so they only had it on VHS. Sometimes it's amazing to see a shitload of time, money, and "talent" sunk into a movie with absolutely no redeeming value.

The new leader of Malaysia has put a stop to exploiting children workers, thus resulting in a major panic in the nether regions of the fashion world. Since it is how they make their money, they must take action in putting a stop to what will be devastating results on their industry. This means brainwashing a stupid male model and get him to kill the Malaysian leader on a visit to the US. There's a bit more to it, but utterly unmentionable.

This really is tragic. Ben Stiller can be funny (from time to time) and Owen Wilson is usually charming in his comedic roles. But this... this. It tries to make fun of the fashion industry and the insipid people that contribute to it, but it seems more like the truth, making the fashion world that much more petty and shallow. Will Ferrell's contribution is as annoying as the majority of his SNL characters.

Great Scene: Try as I might, I can't come up with even a good one.

DVD Notes: None, saw it on a crappy Standard format VHS put out by Paramount.