First and foremost, I am not a "film critic." I just drink like one. What we have here is a continuously growing collection of movie reviews for the drunken, curious, or ill-informed. Here's the deal: I drink multiple beers, most likely some whiskey. Watch the movie in question. Beers (and maybe an occasional shot or two) are still present. Then, before I pass out, I write a review. Each week there will be a couple of drunken reviews of (allegedly) decent movies, and if I can bring myself to rent it, one throw-away. This last movie is not really supposed to be much good in whatever aspects, but that's just my opinion. If you agree or not, well, I had some crude message boards at one point in time in which all could share their opinions but it got to be spammed pretty bad. Fuckin' spammers. Regardless, if you dig what you read and/or see, let me know through the comments section. Makes keeping this that much worthwhile. Enjoy!

Movies are rated in two different categories (Story and Look) in the number of beer bottles presented below: a six-pack being the best, three beers is average, and steaming pile of dung, well, no beers (that's a qualifier for the 'shitheap' category).





A little parody's always good from time to time, especially the DMR way. Think of it as a drunken version of "Where's Waldo," without having to waste all that time looking for the little bastard. click here for the archives.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to submit them here. Always looking for any feedback that you, the viewer, would like to submit to make this site that much better...

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