The Endless
Directors: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead
Year: 2017
TRT: 1:21

Reviewed: 2/24/24

First off, when you start your movie with H. P. Lovecraft’s quote “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown,” you get immediate points in my book. The question is, do you live up to it? In this case? It does. Albeit via a slightly different route than usual Lovecraftian fare. But it’s definitely heavy in the unknown, so fear does follow. Well, at least a strong sense of dark foreboding. Big kudos to the directors/main actors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead for what they did with this movie, it’s an enthralling and enjoyable watch even after repeat viewings. More dark psychological horror versus massive amounts of graphic gore, with a cool story to keep one wondering to the end.

Two brothers, years after escaping a “UFO death cult” kind of scenario, are scraping by cleaning places and eating ramen. They go through “deprogramming” sessions which give some decent exposition without being overly lame. But a package arrives, and the younger brother Double-A Ron is homesick, so to speak, while older brother Justin says fuuuuuck that noise. But things aren’t good, so Aaron gets his older brother to go back to the ‘camp’ for one day just to see what’s going on. Memories are stirred and things seem pretty good all things considered, despite Justin’s continued misgivings. But then there’s also the weirdenings and oddities that start becoming even more weird and more odd. However, the beer is faaaantastics! Is it culty? Sure as shit seems so. But some good stuff too, enough to create an even bigger divide between the brothers.

This isn’t a “big budget” picture, so to speak. There aren’t any recognizable actors, and I actually appreciate that here because it’s a blank slate. No matter how good of a character someone like Tyler Durden is, you still know it’s Brad Pitt. But it’s done very well. Shot well, looks good. And great small moments of dark comedy among the overall seriousness of the situation, which is hard to pull off by most. Minimal but extremely effective well done CGI to enhance the story. I can’t remember what put this on my radar to make me see it in the first place, but immediately dug the shit out of it and still do after another drunken viewing of the film. But ultimately, a good story of two brothers trying to figure the it out, while weird shit ensues!

Great Scene: Alls the events surrounding the Gun-Nut Tweaker.


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