Director: Gregory Hoblit
Year: 1998
TRT: 2:03

Reviewed: 4/20/03

This is one of those movies that has a lot of potential, both with the plot and some good actors, but ends up, yes, I'm writing it, falling a bit short (much, I fear, like this review might). It's one of those cases where the voice-over by Denzel Washington seems like a bit of an afterthought to help explain things, and in the case of the opening scene, kinda sucks. But after that the movie picks up into a decent supernatural crime thriller, evokes some good atmosphere and characters. It's just a bit uneven.

The movie follows detective John Hobbes (Denzel Washington), a good cop that does a good job. His most recent accomplishment is getting crazy-muthahfuckah Edgar Reese executed. After a final meeting with him, Hobbes ends up investigating a set of copy-cat murders that have the unique stamp of the now-dead psychotic. With steady detective-work with his partner (good enough straight dramatic role by John Goodman), they end up uncovering some pretty bizarre shit, and Hobbes begins to realize he has more on his hands to contend with than the twisted mind of a dead killer.

Great Scene: Elias Koteas plays a great bad-ass.

Media Notes: none, saw it on VHS.


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