Director: Roman Polanski
Year: 1988
TRT: 2:00

Reviewed: 5/11/03

I think this is a pretty taught, suspenseful drama. Sure, there's some questions regarding the overall plot once you sit down and think about it, but ultimately it's about a stranger in a strange land, and the how he is rendered almost completely helpless. It's played well by Harrison Ford in his naivete, confusion, and frustration as he is thrown into a whole new kind of reality.

The Walkers are visiting Paris for the first time since their honeymoon, there for a doctor's conference that Richard will be presenting at. After arriving and adjusting to the jet-lag, his wife soon ends up missing. Having no idea what's going on, and not even being able to speak the language, Walker follows the thinnest of leads in hopes to find out what has happened to his wife. Between the language barrier, the skeptical local police, and ineffectual American consulate, Walker realizes he's pretty much on his own.

I guess you could call it a modern retelling of a Hitchcock kind of story. Solid performances and storytelling that should keep you pretty enthralled to the end, and leave it feeling a bit morose. Definitely recommended over the majority of "thrillers" Hollywood pumps out in cookie-cutter fashion.

Great Scene: Trying to explain to a cop how one may be coerced in public.

Media Notes: Absolutely, Positively the LAMEST DVD I've ever seen, put out by Warner Bros. It's a Standard Version, with text-oriented chapter breakdown. They didn't even bother to put the cover art under the menu, just one big WB logo. How fucking cheap is that? I could see if it was a no-name b-movie, but this film is more than that. Shame on you, Warner Bros. for such laziness. I'm surprised the transfer is alright, at least it doesn't have any artifacting.


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