Director: Ivan Reitman
Year: 1984
TRT: 1:47

Reviewed: 4/20/03

This really is a great comedy, once again showcasing Bill Murray at his apathetic best. Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis are funny as well in their supporting roles as true scientific geeks, but this movie really ties a lot together. I'm biased about it, as it has been a favorite of mine since my sister was gracious enough to take me to see it at the Dead Plaines theater when I was a kid, and still think it holds up pretty well despite it's damn near 20 years old now (cripes! has it really been that long?). Sure some of the effects are kinda hokey, but that kinda goes along with the whole feel to the movie, anyways.

The University ends up cutting their three parapsychology doctors, forcing them to go out into the "real" world. But their recent developments in tracking ghosts open a new avenue for them as "Ghostbusters," quickly taking the city of New York by storm, so to speak. But as the case with many parapsychologist-oriented films, things quickly turn nasty, forcing them to step up to the plate to save the world! Or at least New York. It doesn't really matter, it's still pretty fuckin funny. Great light-hearted performances by Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis as the geeky neighbor. Last in the classic "trilogy" of comedies pairing Reitman and Murray (following Meatballs and Stripes).

Great Scene: Dan Akyroyd, completely forlorn, when he realizes that yes, Mr. Staypuft has indeed come to pay New York a visit.

Media Notes: Columbia Pictures really jazzed it up for the "Collector's Series" version put out in 1999, including a great commentary with Reitman, Ramis, and some other guy that really doesn't say anything funny. The "Spook Central" portion holds quite a few extended/cut scenes, a nicely done explanation of shots throughout the movie provided through subtitles, 2 featurettes on the film itself, extensive special effects info, a lot of great (though small) early production sketches (including for the logo), and storyboards for both deleted scenes as well as split-screen comparison with 3 scenes used. Plus there's some CD-ROM stuff involved for those with a PC.


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