Hamburger Hill
Director: John Irvin
Year: 1987
TRT: 1:50

Reviewed: 2/16/03

This movie does a pretty good job on focusing on the characters, but they overpowered by the battle sequences and pacing that is a bit off. It doesn't seem so much of individual characters than a scrapbook of different personalities. And coming in at under 2 hours, it's not quite long enough to develop a decent relationship with any of the soldiers. But it is definitely a harrowing look at the group of green soldiers who are immediately thrown into a strategic nightmare in trying to take Hill 937.

Most of the actors were little-known when this was shot, you should recognize a few now. While not the best war movie (it's got some pretty steep competition), it definitely is a well-done film and is worth watching at some point in time.

Great Scene: Uhh, that one scene with the war stuff?

Media Notes: Basic DVD put out by Artisan that includes the theatrical trailer.


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