Happy, Texas
Director: Mark Illsey
Year: 1999
TRT: 1:38

Reviewed: 6/29/05

The only wittiness that can be attributed to this film is that they use the pseudonym "Happy" in the title, cuz this film is totally gay. Literally. The only redeeming factor here is the cliched role Steve Zahn is thrown into, and pretty much the only reason this gets such a high story rating. It's shot well, but damn me sober if this ain't a cliche-ridden, by-the-numbers script.

Two of three escaped convicts end up on the lam and with mistaken identities in small-town Happy, Texas. And despite all the obvious signs, horrendous conveniences and plenty of stupid fucks to boot, the escaped criminals pass themselves off as local talent agents. It really doesn't get much deeper than that, because we all know where this is heading, it's so fucking telegraphed.

It was shot okay, I'll give it that. Too bad the storyline sucked ass and the characters were shite. William H. Macy actually puts in a half-way decent role as the sheriff, and even Ron Pearlman (in a role he shoulda left behind). The other leads were good but unmentionable at this point in time. But hey, everyone's gotta pay the bills, Pearlman included.

Great Scene: Crap. This movie tries to be endearing in pretty much every aspect, so it brings everything down to an uninvolving blah. The only reason to watch this film is if you're a fan of Zahn. Then it's mildly amusing.

Media Notes: There's some extras on the disc, including commentary.


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beer beer half