Hot Fuzz
Director: Edgar Wright
Year: 2007
TRT: 2:01

Reviewed: 12/31/23

What happens when you ship the best cop in London off to the sticks? Expesionally one with Advanced Cycling skillz? Laws of modern dynamics are broken, and the cogs of justice sullied! Is it satire? Is it an homage? I dunno, but it’s some funny shit with a weird accent, with a lot of guns and explosions and weird Scream figures creating a lot of gore. Solid.

So there’s this blimey cop. Or is it bobby? All goody-two shoes and shit. Too good for his own good, that’s for sure, shipped off to the netherlands (not Netherlands, which is totally different geographically) by a hobbit and I think at least one or maybe even two Doctor Whos. All it takes it a viewing of Point Break and part of Bad Boys II to break the chains! And a monkey, stuffed or otherwise. This movie makes absolutely no sense, but has perfect logic. Or perfect sense, but no...whatever. It’s a fun romp.

Once again a fantastic outing by Edgar Wright and his main duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, great take on the buddy cop genre, overtly giving a nod to them and making a nice tribute as well. This is the follow-up to the fantastic British series Spaced and the feature film Shaun of the Dead, a classic in the buddy zombie genre. Was that a thing? It is now, because of these funny bastards. Also an interesting British take on being exceptional and having to curb that for the Greater Good. Huh! So many great sharp pieces of dialogue and quick visuals (the swear jar throws in * characters for everything but the worst [I owe a sh!t-ton x 2£ whatever that is, koontz!]). This achieves that rare status of true action comedy without being stupid. Well, ok, maybe a little silly. But not stupid.

Great Scenes: A lot of em besides these. Walking into a cache of weapons: By the Power of Gray Skull! Brainfreeze. Watching a flipbook animation and being disgusted, but still watching the next one from the corner of an eye. And Finally catching that damn rogue swan. Stupid swan! Nice brief cameo by Peter Lord of the Rings Jackson as the Stabbing Santa in the intro. Beware the crusty jugglahs!

Media Notes: Blu from Universal, Ultimate Edition


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