Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Director: Kevin Smith
Year: 2001
TRT: 1:44

Reviewed: 6/1/03

What is supposed to be the final installment in Smith's View-Askew universe of films, it is pretty much the collection of a lot of, for lack of a better description, dick and fart jokes, pulled off as well as can be considering the film is 104 minutes long. Basically it's a movie for fans, with tons of in-jokes and a lot of tongue-in-cheek kind of acting by a shitload of cameos (probably the best by Gus Van Sant as the utterly disinterested director). It's got some extremely funny scenes, some are a stretch, a few make you kinda groan. It is vulgar and offensive in the best of ways. Big-time fan of the Star Wars anthology, Smith makes plenty of references here, including cameos by Carrie "Princess Lea" Fisher and Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill.

Jay and Silent Bob (director Kevin Smith for the unawares) find themselves getting gipped out of a big Hollywood deal when they learn through the grapevine that a movie is being shot based on a comic that is based on them (aka Bluntman and Chronic), and set out to stop the movie because of the bad publicity they're getting on the internet. The plot is pretty much secondary to the crazy shit the now-familiar duo can get involved in away from their usual spot at the Quickie Mart. If you haven't seen Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, or Dogma, you really shouldn't be watching this movie.

While there is some great comedy here, it pretty much all tends to be vulgar, and gets a bit old after awhile. But the movie itself is paced pretty well, and will definitely make you laugh if you're into that style of humor. What is most amusing is the cameos and the rips they perform (on themselves in most instances), including Smith regular Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Wes Craven, Jason "American Pie" Biggs, and James "Dawson's Creek" Van Der Beek (great line as he's being shoved into a squad car, "Doesn't anyone watch the WB?") [In defense, I have to, it's my job]. It's pure juvenile fun without the nudity (Damn!). Some great roles by Will Farrell, Jon Stewart, and yes, even Judd Nelson (watch his deleted scenes).

Great Scene: Having gotten a bit of extra ca$h, Jay and Silent Bob go out to meet all the people that have slandered them on the internet...

Media Notes: Dimension really stepped up to the plate to put out the 2-DVD set for the true geeks out there that actually went and saw the movie in the theater in the first place (my hand slowly raises in admittance). I picked it up for under $15. Disc 1 is the Widescreen version of the film, some pretty okay commentary by Kevin Smith, producer Scott Mosier, and the once-again wasted Jason "Jay" Mewes, and some trailers mostly for other Smith projects. The second disc is fucking loaded with extras, basically being a collection by a fan for the fans. Pretty much anything you could imagine, including some damn funny cut scenes and gag reel, and a DVD-ROM portion I didn't even get a chance to delve into.


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