Raw Meat (aka Death Line)
Director: Gary Sherman
Year: 1972
TRT: 1:28

Reviewed: 6/27/04

Nothing like a good hokey British horror film to make the night. Honestly, the only reason this movie is worth the celluloid it was shot on was for the blue-collar smart-ass police Inspector played quite well by Donald Pleasance.

Starting off on the seedy side of the London scene, a well-to-do Brit meets an untimely demise in the subway. A young couple who happens by do the right thing by reporting it, and are drawn into the investigation by a somewhat rude Inspector trying to get to the bottom of a missing persons case.

When the main villain of the story is an incoherently-speaking cannibal that looks like Jethro Tull, it's kinda hard to take the movie seriously. And it shouldn't be. I guess it would be a bit more creepy if you've actually ridden the London Underground. Back in the early 70's. Otherwise it's a rather far stretch of a plot that wastes the talents of Pleasance. Also a nice very brief part by Christopher Lee as a glib MI5 agent. And yeah, I know Jethro Tull's not an actual person, so shut the fuck up.

Great Scene: Though dark, a nice continuos exploratory shot of the den of the perpetrator.

Media Notes: For whatever reason this is actually a good video transfer of the film by MGM, though the original audio recording is a bit hollow so it makes it a bit difficult to listen to those damn goofy Brits. It has subtitles if you're so inclined, and has a pretty hacked version of the American trailer.


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