Director: Woody Allen
Year: 1973
TRT: 1:27

Reviewed: 6/1/04

Woody Allen + Sci-Fi = Completeuttergarbagepieceofdreckcrap

Plot: Woody Allen in 2173.

Fer Fuck's Sake, how is this guy still making movies? If you like Allen's self-deprecating kvetching, more power to ya. Even Seinfeld was funnier than this, and he was on "television."

Great Scene: Rolling the tinfoil off his face. Sure, it's taking a dig at low-budget films, and in the first couple of minutes is faintly humorous. The other 85 minutes are painful. (the movie's 87 minutes long, btw, just to save you the math.)

Media Notes: Who the fuck cares? If you're truly interested...Nothing. A fucking trailer. Just to burn you poor cocksuckers who actually would pick up this completeuttergarbagepieceofdreckcrap to begin with.