Things to Do in Denver When
You're Dead

Director: Gary Fleder
Year: 1995
TRT: 1:55

Reviewed: 6/29/05

Not an exceptionally bad movie. There's a lot of talent involved here (including Steve Buscemi, who ironically is known as Mr. Shhh because he doesn't talk much). Unfortunately, they put Andy Garcia in the lead as opposed to Christopher Walken (who also does have a relatively important role), but considering the characters and the ho-hum dialogue, it's probably for the best.

Jimmy the Saint is trying to make a contribution to society by providing a service to the community. Sure, he's a retired hood, but he's got a big heart, right? Of course the whole "one more job" scenario comes into play, and wouldn't you know it, things go from fucked up to worse. Normally not such a bad thing, but when Christopher Walken's the local crime boss, well, you KNOW you got a bad-ass mofo aimin' to fuck your shit up.

Overall, pretty standard drama, something you're more likely to see on the Lifetime channel for it's combination of drama, "heart," and overly cliched characters. Too bad, so sad. At least it's got some good tunes throughout (including some from Buddy Guy, who actually makes a brief cameo), and some nice, albeit brief, shots of Denver throughout. And nice to see Don Cheadle representing, even if, again, for a short period of time.

Great Scene: William Treat being all bad-ass while pissing in a bottle and talking about eating something that should not be eaten.

Media Notes: Not much from Miramax on this one, includes a little Studio Promo for the film. Looked and sounded alright.


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