Zombi Holocaust
Director: Marino Girolami
Year: 1980
TRT: 1:30

Reviewed: 9/5/04

Not much of a "holocaust" here, really. More like an aborted hanging. This slow, 3rd-rate gore-fest is a blurred xerox of Lucio Fulci's Zombi, even using Ian McCulloch once again as the unimpressive lead. The story is lamer, the gore is lamer, the cinematography is lamer. If you like the poorly-dubbed Italian zombie genre, do yourself a favor and see Fulci's rendition again. Then, if you're a glutton for punishment, watch this.

Somebody's been taking fresh bits off of cadavers in a New York hospital. When all clues point to a specific tribe down in Indonesia, off goes some chode I think was a cop (McCulloch), a hot nurse/anthropologist, a nosy bitch of a reporter, and the cop's buddy. Why? Does it matter?

It's not even that the pacing itself will knock you out like a handful of quaaludes, there's a ridiculous finale sequence with the hot nurse/anthropologist that simply isn't explained. I realize this film's been distributed under several different running lengths and titles, but you'd figure they would at least include the reason why this chick is so fascinated with this culture from the beginning. Pretty sad on almost every front.

Great Scene: Despite several gory sequences, I have to go with the hot nurse/anthropologist.

Media Notes: Media Blasters put this out, which shouldn't be any great surprise. But for as lame as the movie comes off, they load it with an impressive amount of extras. First off, you'll learn that this film was originally released as Dr. Butcher, M.D. (Medical Deviant). Plenty of old trailer footage (both U.S. and Germany), and a relatively recent interview with the FX guy Maurice Trani who claims he never saw the final cut of the film (I call bullshit on that one), but admits there were some relatively mediocre FX at hand. No Shit!?! Also included is a Zombie Art gallery of various international posters, snapshots and newspaper clippings about the zany antics they employed to draw publicity for the release, a deleted scene that was rightfully cut due its utterly boring payoff, original 16mm footage from, what I can understand, a film headed by Roy Frumkes that was originally titled Dr. Butcher? They have a 15 minute interview with the guy which has pretty much nothing to do with Zombi Holocaust whatsoever, so WTF? Kudos to the poor bastard(s) who compiled all the footage, though.




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